Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Real Librarians in Virtual Worlds" CIL 2009

Lori Bell and Rhonda Trueman to Speak at Computers in Libraries 2009!

From Computers in Libraries 2009 Advanced Conference Program:

"Libraries have been in virtual worlds for 3 years, and there are new worlds appearing every day. What are different types of libraries doing in those worlds? How is it different from traditional libraries and library web services? How have services changed in 3 years? What is coming up? What is the future? What do libraries need to be ready for? This overview of what libraries are doing in virtual worlds looks at the past and the present and provides predictions for the future for libraries and librarians in virtual worlds. "

If you are planning to attend CIL 2009, please attend this presentation on April 1st and the book signing on March 30th!

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