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Libraries in Second Life this week

Wednesday, May 6, 6:30pm SLT
Info Island
Hot Topics @ Your Second Life Library
Nudity and Modesty

This month's panel will be discussing the questions of nudity and modesty in Second Life. What's appropriate, what really counts as nudity on a virtual person?
Come as you are.

May 8th and 9th! Library Career Fair and Library Fair!

This two day event will feature exhibits from libraries in Second Life and a full day of Library Career Fair speakers and activities on May 8th followed by presentations by SL and RL libraries on May 9th. Please plan to join us! Schedule below -

Second Life LIS Student Union Career Fair: Carpe Calamitas! Networking Librarians, Students, Employers and Recruiters Friday May 8, 2009 - Noon to 7 PM SLT
Noon-2 pm SLT: Orientation sessions for new avatars
2-3 pm SLT: Opening Keynote Speaker: Kitty Pope, Executive-Director of AVL, on kicking off the month-long celebration of AVL’s Third Anniversary in Second Life. Additionally, other speakers will be addressing survival skills for getting a job in a bad economy.
3-4 pm SLT: Research mini-conference presentations by students on their Second Life interface studies.
4-5 pm SLT: Panel of recruiters and employers: “What are employers looking for in today's media-rich Web 2.0 information environments?”
5-7 pm SLT: Social Networking Party mixer for Career Fair and Library Fair participants and friends with DJ Gwen Carillon, dancing and music. Questions? PM Melanie Twine.

Alliance Virtual Library Library Fair Saturday, May 9th 2009Noon to 6 PM SLT 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm SLT"Libraries and Innovation in Second Life"Lori Bell (RL) Lorelei Junot (SL)Alliance Virtual Library
1 pm - 1:45 pm SLT"Growing a Community Library; Lessons from the Field"Micki McIntyre (RL) Derry McMahon (SL)West of Ireland Library and Cultural Center
2 pm - 2:45 pm SLT"Supporting and Promoting Ingenuity"Joanne Brothers (RL) Vienna James (SL)RezLibris
3 pm - 3:45 SLT"SL Library Instruction: A Work in Progress"P. Charles Livermore (RL) Hopalong Oh (SL)St. John's University Libraries
4 pm SLT - 6 PM SLTExhibits & Networking Contacts for Library Fair - Beth Kraemer (SL: Alice Burgess) and Rhonda Trueman (SL: Abbey Zenith)

Alexandrian Free Library: Caledon, Winterfell, Steelhead, New Toulouse, New Babbage, Amatsu Shima, West of Ireland, Steeltopia, Deadwood, Al Andalus and Constantinople
Library Events for May 6 - 12, 2009
Continuing Exhibits: 19th Century Literary Influences on Steampunk, an exhibit at the Steelhead Public LibraryMarch 15 - June 13, 2009Steelhead Public Library
Caledon Library 19th Century Spiritualism Exhibit, curated by Mica BraunMay 1st to July 17th, 2009The Jack and Elaine Whitehorn Memorial Library, Caledon Victoria City
Join us, whether from the earthly realm or The Beyond, to explore the subject of Spiritualism…Spiritualism is looked on variously as a science, a philosophy and a religion: a science that attempts to investigate, analyze and classify facts and manifestations of spirits; a philosophy that studies what it defines as Laws of Nature, both of the seen and the unseen sides of life and bases its conclusions upon observation; and a religion for its striving to understand and comply with physical, mental and spiritual laws that govern the human condition. Covering such topics as mediumship, spirit photography and séances, this exhibit considers Spiritualism as a complex subject, from its distinctly Victorian flourishing in the lives of such eminent 19th c figures as Arthur Conan Doyle and WB Yeats, to its continuing popularity today.This exhibit is offered to the spiritually minded citizens of Caledon by Miss Mica Braun of the Caledon Library, for their enjoyment and edification.Events of the week: WOI - Lilia Quinnell with The Song of the Pearl (pt 4)
Wednesday, 6 May 20095:30pm - 6:30pmWest of Ireland Library & Cultural Center, West of Ireland concludes the Song of the Pearl by Ruth Nichols: Margaret Redmond, who dies at seventeen, finds that to gain understanding of self and to overcome a deep hatred that has marred her last years she must relive parts of her earlier lives on earth. Join us to see how this very interesting story ends. Story read in voice.
Winterfell Library - Aianna's Fireside TalesWednesday, 6 May 20096pm - 7pmBard's Bonfire, Winterfell Taure En Lor"Here is where the dragon roams,The faerie plays, the gnome hides.Across the centuries, from far to home,Here is where the magic abides!" Join us every other Wednesday at 6 PM SLT on Bard's Island in Winterfell as Aianna reads to us magical tales.April 8th - That Explains Poland - Charles de LintApril 22nd - Romano Drom - Charles de LintJune 6th - The Sacred Fire - Charles de LintJune 20th - Winter Was Hard - Charles de Lint
WOI - Letters thru Time with Gracee AndelWednesday, 6 May 20097pm - 8pmWest of Ireland Library & Cultural Center, West of Ireland
Gracee will share the letters of 10-year-old Lura Harding as she travels the Oregon Trail in 1850. (Part 2 of 2). Stories told in voice.
WOI - Irish Hero Tales with Shandon LoringThursday, 7 May, 20097pm - 8pmWest of Ireland Library & Cultural Center, West of Ireland
Join Shandon for stories of the heroes of ancient Ireland. He'll choose from such selections as: “Gods & Fighting Men”, “Hero Tales of Ireland”, “Cuchulain of Muirthemne”, “Beside the Fire”, “Heroic Romances of Ireland”, etc. Come and see what is up tonight! Stories told in voice.
Caledon Library - Wind in the Willows Listening Party Chapter Five: Dulce DomumSaturday, May 9th 10am-11am SLTTinyville Library, Caledon Tanglewood
Come as a character from Kenneth Grahame's novel, The Wind in the Willows, and join us as we listen to, and discuss, a new chapter each month of the adventures of the shy but loyal Mole, the poetical Water Rat, the brave Otter, the gruff but kindly Mr. Badger, the vainglorious Toad, and all the other creatures of wood, stream, and field who populate this much-loved story.This month, the story continues as Mole, returning from day's outing with Rat, is suddenly overcome with nostalgia as he hears the call for his old home, "Mole End". The two visit and light the place up in time to receive the visit of the neighborhood Field Mice, who have come a carolling.Big People may join us in Tinyville, or repose in comfort at the Oxbridge Library in Caledon Oxbridge
Those who can't be with us in-world are invited to tune in at This is a year-long series, the second Saturday of each month, 2009. Sponsored by the Caledon Library and Rachelville, and produced by Radio Riel. Schedule* Jan 10: The River Bank* Feb 14: The Open Road* March 14: The Wild Wood* April 11: Mr. Badger* May 9: Dulce Domum* June 13: Mr. Toad* July 11: The Piper at the Gates of Dawn* Aug 8: Toad's Adventures* Sept 12: Wayfarers All* Oct 10: The Further Adventures of Toad* Nov 14: Like Summer Tempests came his Tears* Dec 12: The Return of Ulysses* Jan 9, 2010: All Day Programming of the entire Caledon Library - Lecture on the folkloric elements in Wind in the WillowsSaturday, May 9th 11am -12pm SLTTinyville Library, Caledon Tanglewood
Join us as Folklorist Afsaneh Metaluna explores the folkloric elements, motifs, and references in Grahame's world. Big People may join us in Tinyville, or repose in comfort at the Oxbridge Library in Caledon Oxbridge
Those who can't be with us in-world are invited to tune in at
WOI - Elegia Underwood with Dragon Tales!
Sunday 10 May, 20092pm - 3pmWest of Ireland Library & Cultural Center, West of Ireland us as our friend Elegia relates lovely dragon stories!! Stories told in voice.
WOI - The Conclusion of Charlotte's Web with Caledonia SkytowerMonday, 11 May, 20097pm - 8pmWest of Ireland Library & Cultural Center, West of Ireland
Life, Friendship, Love and growing up all come together for Fern, Wilbur, and Charlotte in the final chapters of “Charlotte’s Web.” Story told in voice.
WOI - Gyro Muggins with "Miss Prinks"Tuesday, 12 May, 20095:30pm - 6:30pmWest of Ireland Library & Cultural Center, West of Ireland
Miss Prinks 30min by Gordon DicksonA humorous look at a spinster's encounter with a being from another dimension. "Miss Lydia Prinks was somebody's aunt. Not the aunt of several somebodies, but the aunt of one person only and with no other living brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews, or nieces to her name. A sort of singleton aunt. It would be possible to describe her further, but it would not be in good taste." After her encounter with the alien her "condition" as the alien puts it, is "improved," but certainly not the way she expected. Story told in voice.
WOI – Travels in Ireland with Aoife LorefieldTuesday, 12 May, 20097pm - 8pmWhere: West of Ireland Library & Cultural Center, West of Ireland
Tuesdays in May we'll be visiting Ireland as Aoife Lorefield reads from the collection, Travelers' Tales Ireland. If you're familiar with the Travelers' Tales series, you'll know how wonderful these true life essays are: well written, sharply drawn, and evocative. On each of May's four Tuesdays, Aoife will read several tales, choosing from among writers like Frank McCourt, Thomas Cahill, Nuala O'Faolain, and Maeve Binchy. So whether you're longing to get back or have yet to go, join her as she travels through Ireland, reading in voice, with chat in voice or text.

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